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Honor Guard Oath

Written by Thomas J. Matousek Jr. Forest Park Local #2753



Here's what's new:

2020 Daniel J. Bower Commitment To Excellence Award was awarded to Mike Newton Local #3005.


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Illinois Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial/Medal of Honor Ceremony; May 11 - 12, 2020, Springfield, Illinois Cancelled

IAFF Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial; September 18 - 20, 2020, Colorado Springs, Colorado




Our Mission

The Mission of the AFFI Honor Guard shall be to Promote the Associated Firefighters of Illinois, the Locals therein, and the fire service as a whole, to the public, in a positive and proper fashion. To Provide, as a line of duty death benefit, dignified, honorable services for fallen AFFI members, their surviving family members, and union brothers and sisters through organization of and participation in funeral and memorial services.

Our Oath:

AFFI Honor Guard Oath: The AFFI Honor Guard Oath was written by former State Commander Thomas J. Matousek Jr., a retired member of Forest Park Local #2753. He was asked by the Honor Guards first State Commander Jay Bishop of Springfield Local #37 to come up with an Oath for the Honor Guard. The Oath is memorized by each and every Honor Guard Member who swears to uphold the traditions which are exemplified by the words written in this oath.

TO HONOR, TO CHERISH, TO REMEMBER, TO SALUTE, WITH OVERWHELMING PRIDE FOR YOU, MY COMRADE I WILL: These are the words that help guide each Member of the AFFI Honor Guard as they train, teach, and finally assist in services for our fallen Comrades.






Mask Request

Brothers and Sisters:

Please click on the Mask Request from the Command Staff by clicking HERE.



Training Updates

Brothers and Sisters:

I hope you and your families are all staying healthy, and not going too crazy from being locked-up together.

As restrictions on the stay at home order ease, businesses re-open, and we start to, "Restore Illinois", it's time to start conducting District Trainings again (with some modifications). 

If Districts have a venue that will allow training, they will be conducting it. We are currently in Phase III of the state's restoration plan. With that in mind, we need to keep our groups to ten (10) people or less. If more than ten (10) people show up, District Commanders will make sure they have enough instructors to break into groups of no more than ten (10). Social distancing is still required. If you can't maintain six (6) feet between members, face masks/coverings are required. I know these restriction may change some of the things we normally do, but we should still be able to deliver quality training.

The state is currently on track to move to Phase IV June 26th. If that happens, the most significant change for us is that groups of fifty (50) will be allowed. That brings us back much closer to our norm. Please keep in mind that social distancing and face coverings will still be expected in Phase IV. If by chance more than fifty (50) show up to a drill, we will need to split them up in order to comply with the group restriction. 

District Commanders are figuring out when they will make-up the training sessions that were missed during the previous months. Once they have them scheduled, all information will be posted on the website. The Command Staff thinks it's important that all members have the same number of opportunities to get their required trainings as they did before the pandemic restricted our activities. 

Let's hope we don't have a spike in cases as we move forward like some other states have. I'd hate for us to have to regress to one of the previous phases.

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to contact me or your District Commander. Stay healthy.




All members must insure their contact information is up to date with the AFFI Office to insure timely notification.

In the event of a Line of Duty Death within a Local, the Local President must notify the AFFI President, and request the participation of the AFFI Honor Guard. The AFFI President will then notify the State Commander and notice of the details will be sent to all members via email blast and the Chain of Command.

This home page will be the place for finding information about line up, visitation, and/or funeral arrangements. Information is posted here as quickly and as accurately as possible. E-mails are also blasted to members via the AFFI blast e-mail system as well as on the above Newsletter list. Please keep in mind that although there may be a firefighter death, the AFFI Honor Guard is only activated when it is requested by affected Local.

Training Reminder:

This is a reminder that if you will need to complete 3 required trainings (One can be Convention), prior to October 31, 2019 in order to qualify to go to Convention in 2020. Please go to the Districts page to see upcoming drills in your area to meet your required trainings for the year. If there are any questions as to what these requirements are, please refer to the By-Laws.  Remember, you can always attend another District's Drill location if it is closer to your home.


2020 AFFI Daniel J. Bower Commitment To Excellence Award

Congratulations to Mike Newton, 2020 Daniel J. Bower Award winner. This honor is well deserved. It was obvious to me when Mike said it was, “Completely unexpected” that he truly is someone who does what he does because it’s the right thing to do, not because there might be something in it for him. Mike is an example for all of us to follow.

In 2013, the Honor Guard created the AFFI Honor Guard Commitment To Excellence Award for commitment & dedication above and beyond. An individual who lives the motto “Whatever It Takes” and realizes the purpose of the Honor Guard is bigger than any one individual. An individual that embodies the selfless spirit of the Honor Guard Family. That award was presented to Dist. 7 Commander Daniel J. Bower, Freeport L-441. Brother Bower died November 12, 2013 due to complications with cancer.

In 2014, The Command Staff unanimously decided to rename and dedicate the award in the memory of our fallen Brother.




Honor Guad Jersey's

For Memebers looking to get an AFFI Honor Guard Jersey, please visit our Member's Section.



2020 Honor Guard Photo's

You are invited to view photographs from my "AFFI HONOR GUARD CONVENTION 2020" group.
They are now up.
Please feel free to share it with friends and family.

Thanks again to Stephan Bates for taking photo's at the convention again this year.  Here is his information:

WCS Photography
1215 E. Wilson Ave
Wheaton, IL 60189


Mission Statement

The Mission of the AFFI Honor Guard shall be:

A.    Promote the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois, the Locals therein, and 
        the fire service as a whole, to the public, in a positive and proper fashion.

B.     Provide, as a line of duty death benefit, dignified, honorable services for 
        fallen AFFI members, their surviving family members, and union brothers
        and sisters through organization of and participation in funeral and 
        memorial services.


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