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Honor Guard Oath

Written by Thomas J. Matousek Jr. Forest Park Local #2753



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2020 Daniel J. Bower Commitment To Excellence Award was awarded to Mike Newton Local #3005.


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Illinois Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial/Medal of Honor Ceremony; May 11 - 12, 2020, Springfield, Illinois Cancelled

IAFF Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial; September 18 - 20, 2020, Colorado Springs, Colorado





AFFI Honor Guard IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial Group Commander Guidelines & Responsibilities



You MUST be present at the unit meeting of the IAFF Honor Guard on the Thursday evening before the memorial.  It is YOUR responsibility to gather the information on time and location of the meeting.  The information is usually available from the State Commander or Deputy State Commanders two weeks prior to the memorial.


You MUST attend all practices and take part in some aspect of the ceremony (preferably in a command position).  Practices usually begin at 0900 hours on Friday and continue in the afternoon if needed.  A final walk through is usually performed at 0900 hours the morning of the ceremony.


You MUST arrange your own transportation to the memorial.  If you choose to drive you will be reimbursed 50% of the average airfare from Illinois (usually O’Hare or Lambert) to Colorado Springs.  If you fly, you need to retain a copy of your receipt for your ticket.


You MUST arrange your own boarding.  The hotels that we normally use are the Double Tree World Arena, the La Quinta, and the Roadway Inn, all located in Colorado Springs.  You must have reservations established NO LATER THAN 90 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT.   You will be reimbursed 50% of your boarding costs (meals are NOT included).  You must contact the designated Deputy State Commander when you have reservations in hand.  If he/she doesn’t hear from you before the 90-day benchmark, the alternate commander shall be notified that they may attend.  You must contact the members attending, at the 90-day benchmark to notify them of their removal from the list.  You must arrange to have the State Commander notify the alternate.


You MUST have a supply of AFFI travel vouchers with you on the trip.  It is your responsibility to distribute and collect the vouchers (with attached documentation) for all 12 members attending and have these returned to the designated Deputy State Commander within 30 days of the memorial.   If the information does not reach the DS Commander within 30 days after the memorial, reimbursement WILL NOT be issued.  No partial reimbursements or incomplete vouchers will be honored.


The “chosen twelve” are the official representatives for the Associated Firefighters of Illinois during the entire memorial weekend.  You are expected to be on your best behavior and not bring reproach against the AFFI Honor Guard or your brothers and sisters within the unit.  Be prepared to perform any and all duties that are assigned to you.  This means being proficient in drill and ceremony practices, being well groomed, in full uniform, and in the proper state of mind.  It is your responsibility to help the attending members gather any information they may need to perform their duties during the memorial.





Deadline for reservations:___________________________________________


Dates of Memorial:________________________________________________


Deadline for return of voucher:_______________________________________


Designated Deputy State Commander:_______________________________________________










Attending members:_______________________________________________________________________









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